It may not be as sexy as transforming sea water or building a cross-country conduit, but runoff from dirty dishes, lukewarm baths and toilet bowls holds promise – with a few caveats.
Why do we need water?
• Water makes up to 70% of an adult’s total body weight
• It helps rid the body of waste and regulates temperature
• Dehydration causes headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration
• Chronic dehydration can contribute to health problems such as kidney stones
“Literally you can dip a glass in and drink it, not saying I would, but you can do it,”
There’s a philosophical concern, which I would share, that people really don’t like washing or drinking water that has come from someone else’s toilet, no matter how much science has said it’s perfectly pure.
And the cost of cleaning the water presents another challenge.
Yes, you could treat dirty water back to a potable standard, they do that in places like Singapore, but energy prices are increasing all the time, and it’s quite costly to treat dirty water.
But that’s another story!
WaterMicronWorld produces pure fresh drinking water from the air we all breathe.