India: The drinking water crisis continued to worsen in the Marathwada belt. According to government statistics last revised on August 22, only 9 per cent usable(live) water was available in reservoirs in this region. With rains playing traunt in many parts of the state, the drinking water stock available in reservoirs across the state was 52 per cent of their full capacity. At this time (August 22) last year, these reservoirs had 62 per cent water stock. Reservoirs in Nashik contain 41 per cent water, Amravati 56, Pune 61,Nashik 69, and Konkan 82.
The solution is to extract water from a new source “THE AIR”, one that is plentiful, renewable and accessible to most people around the world. WaterMicronWorld is committed to provide pure drinking water around the world to all those people that need it most and to provide critical emergency pure drinking water to first responders, relief agencies and government institutions.
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